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SaaS Software

eClinicalSoft is a Cloud based eHospital Software for clinics, diangostic centers & Hospitals designed to streamline Healthcare providers activities in affective way.

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Our software features & benefits

our Software offers a holistic approach that empowers healthcare providers to focus on what truly matters delivering exceptional patient care that’s helping saving time and life.

Patients Management

Digitize patient records, securely store medical history, lab results, reports, !

Appointment Scheduling

Book an appointment with clinics online.

Doctor Referral

This feature helps to manage Referral doctor commission.

Real-time insights

Data-driven decision-making with actionable insights integrated with AI technology for administrators and clinicians.

Billing & revenue

Simplify billing processes, generate accurate invoices, track payments, and integrate with insurance providers to streamline revenue management.

Web Portal

Patients access their health history from anywhere in the world, they can book an appointment using the app or web portal.

EMR Management:

The software streamlines appointment scheduling for patients and healthcare professionals. It offers features like real-time availability of doctors, etc

Compliance and Security

Built with robust security measures to ensure patient data confidentiality and compliance with industry standards.

Reporting and Analytics

Access real-time data, generate comprehensive reports, and gain valuable insights to optimize resource,

Insurance claiming

Health insurance claims refer to a request raised by the policyholder of a health insurance plan to the insurance company for funds.A claim can be raised when the policyholder...

Medical Imaging Analysis

Integrated AI-powered image recognition and analysis tools to assist radiologists in interpreting medical images such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans...

Cancer prediction

Our system provide cancer predictions with 95% accuracy to each patient based on pre-trained data using machine learning. This feature is crucial for evaluating the performance of...


eClinicalSoft Telemedicine

Patients have the convenience of booking appointments with their preferred experts either online or offline, for a specific date and time.
Doctors can efficiently manage all the bookings through their dedicated portals, while patients can easily view the status of their appointments from the patient portal.

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Amazing facilities reviews

Healthcare providers using our robust & secure AI integrated software feedback...

Switch Medical Clinic!


Our experience with eClinicalSoft eHospital software has been overwhelmingly positive. The clinical documentation feature has notably enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of our medical records. The software's performance is reliable, handling our clinic's high data volume with ease. Its billing and insurance processing capabilities have also streamlined our operations, improving our financial workflow. The customer support from eClinicalSoft has been attentive and helpful, addressing our queries promptly.

AllSmiles Dental Clinic!


Adopting eClinicalSoft eHospital software was one of the best decisions we've made. It's provided us with a robust platform for managing appointments, patient records, and billing with unprecedented efficiency. The software is remarkably user-friendly, which has been a relief for our staff, reducing the stress associated with learning new technology. We've also been impressed with the customizable features, allowing us to tailor the software to fit our dental practice perfectly.

Emmave Medical Diagnostic Center!


We've been thoroughly impressed with eClinicalSoft eHospital software. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features have streamlined our workflow, significantly enhancing our diagnostic services. The software's ability to integrate seamlessly with our existing systems was a game-changer, allowing for a smooth transition. Our staff has praised its ease of use, making patient management more efficient than ever. We've seen a noticeable improvement in patient satisfaction, thanks to the software's robust appointment scheduling and reminder system.

ST Lucy Eyes Clinic!


eClinicalSoft eHospital software has transformed the way we operate at ST Lucy Eye Clinic. The customization options have been instrumental in catering to our specific needs, ensuring that we can offer our patients the highest quality of care. The user interface is clean and straightforward, which has reduced the training time for our team. Documentation and record-keeping have never been easier, thanks to the software's intelligent design. We're able to focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks. Our partnership with eClinicalSoft has been incredibly beneficial, and we look forward to continued success.

Partners who support us

Our valued partners contribute to our vision, aiding us in the attainment of our long-term objectives.